Leading 1st Session with Hougang Serivce

Just last week, on Tuesday, we had our first ever session with our clients from the Hougang Care Centre. They came to our campus at around 3 pm, and I was there early to help them and direct them to the infant pool and the changing rooms. Our early goals for the service which we had discussed as a group earlier, were to plan and coordinate activities in the infant pool suited for our clients, to relax, enjoy, have fun and feel comfortable in the pool with us. The Care Centres main goal as an organization, which we learned when we visited them the week before and talked with the director, is to improve the quality of life for the clients there. Our clients consist of both men and women, adults who are quite capable on their own, but have been through either a traumatic experience in their lifetime or are experiencing difficulties with their mental well being. It is our duty in this hour and a half with them, to let them have fun. I lead the first session along with the two chairs of the service. We researched activities and games to play in the pool, such as a competitive game of catch, and some water kickboard ball bouncing. With this experience, I felt that I had a chance to hone and grow my own leadership skills(LO1), as I decided to really take charge of the session with my own ideas, and bore the responsibility to keep the session lively and activity filled. It was not an easy task, we were quite limited in the materials we had at our disposal and had to improvise and adapt our games. I felt that we managed to do to that quite well, and set a good example for the rest of the group when it is their turn to lead. I learned some key lessons here within the aspect of leadership, is that anyone can be a leader, but acting upon that role can vary. To be an effective leader you must put yourself out there, with confidence in your own ideas, and set an example for your group, so they are also comfortable with what you are trying to achieve. More importantly, one must lead according to the situation. Here the situation was getting in the pool, playing these games, putting a big smile on your face, and actively supporting and encouraging your clients. I do have some room to grow here, as I found myself doing more directing from above rather than (LO1) being in the pool and doing it myself. Overall, this first experience leading the activity and interacting with the clients for the first time in this service was quite enjoyable and rewarding, and I am looking forward to plenty more as the year goes on.

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