S.I.T. Psychology Theory



Disucssion about SIT.

My own social identity has impacted me a number of ways, and I have realised I have quite a few and they become salient at different times. Firstly my identiy as a Pakistani influences me to always be proud and be able to defend my country, and also interact more with other people from pakistan. My identity in my U19Basketball team is also strong, its kept me able to maintain strong friendships and relationships , and form a very common bond between our team, and a strong one leading into SEASAC.

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One thought on “S.I.T. Psychology Theory

  1. I think that you covered a good amount of aspects about the Social Identity Theory and how that related to culture with the branches off of the SIT and multiple social selves bubble. Nice !
    The audio did a neat summary, as well as how it all influences behaviour which is the main point that we needed to discuss.
    I think your personal response is a really good example since it kind of links everything from culture to how you interact with your peers, etc. Neat !

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