EE day Reflection

Today has gone by faster than I expected, and I actually realized how little I knew of what my essay was going to be like, and the value of having discussions with my teachers to help kickstart and guide my thinking, and I need to keep that regular. With Mr. Verrill, I was opened to the idea that history won’t just explains the context of my topic, but history can provide an angle of causation itself, and should be explored as much as psychology.


I learned a lot about the world studies, in particular, getting to know the criteria and guidelines helped me with the planning process and understanding what I was going to be marked with and what I needed to include was helpful. I need to keep that in mind especially during the later writing process. I also realized how much research is out there and that there is a lot to read and filter out, and process for my topic, and I need to spend more time sorting through all the research and I need to plan for that as that could take more time.


I also learned the importance of the research question as a guiding beacon for my WSEE, and am in the process of refining it with my supervisor

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