EE Initial Reflection 1

I enjoy psychology this year and have loved history since choosing to take it in grade 8. I thought to myself, where can I combine these two subjects for a worthwhile topic, something I myself was passionate about.

I then came down to one interesting topic, that of the Abu Ghraib Prisoner abuse scandal by American soldiers during the Iraq War. This again was something that has always had been an interest of mine, the history, and consequences,  and I began to formulate the base of what my EE idea is, how to explain the behavior of the people who committed the brazen acts in the Abu Ghraib prison.  and how could we stop this happening in other places?


So far, after my meeting I have realised that I need to think about this logically, and gather a lot of resources to provide different perspectives and explanations, because I  realised there won’t be one clear-cut answer, and I will have to do a lot of research and ask more specific questions to frame my essay.

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