EE Viva a Voce Reflection

At the stage of my initial ideas about the situation in Iraq and the psychological mechanisms of evil, I realised that there was a massive wealth of information around me. At this point in time, there has been a lot of discussions it has become a popularised topic and I was surprised to find so many comparisons out there, such as comparisons with Germany and Japan. The biggest takeaway I took from the EE was the fact that I was on my own with all these sources, it was different from history class, where the sources were mostly given told whether they were good and bad, This time I was alone, and had to make judgements myself, whether sources were credible, reliable, how reliable were they, can they support or counter my arguments. I had these questions to answer myself over the course of the essay. I also was able to learn a lot about how explanations work, and how they can be manipulated and crafted to convince people and redirect blame. With my own research into differing explanations of the rotten apples vs the rotten barrel, where the blame falls differently. I had to analyse what makes one explanation more believable and if they can be used together. I also learnt to look deeper into historic events, not just describe them but ask that extra question of why.

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