Dragons Invitational Pre Seasac Reflection

Over the weekend of the 29th of September, the u19 Boys and Girls team hosted other schools as part of a tournament as a warm up to the SEASAC tournament at the end of the season. UWC East won both tournaments, and the boys team won all their games.

LO4- Show Commitment to and Perseverance in your CAS experience

Joining the football itself required a lot of commitment, especially when it came to training during holidays and coming to school on Saturdays to play in tournaments. The Saturday tournament required a lot of perseverance as I had to come to school early in the morning and play football throughout the day in the terrible Singapore heat. This was very difficult, however it was similar to what the SEASAC tournament would be like, and it has helped me grow both physically and mentally when it comes to the sport.

LO5- Demonstrate Skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively.

Football is a team sport, meaning it requires both skill in the sport as well as teamwork skills. I play in goal, so I am not as involved in the plays as many other teammates, although I often do start the plays. It is also important for my team to be strong defensively to make my life a lot easier. This requires working collaboratively as I can help the team as much as they can help me. Benefits of working in a team include, developing important communication and teamwork skills, as well as relationships with one and other.

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