EE 1st Reflective Conversation

Originally I had planned to write a world studies EE with Music and English Language and Literature. After my first meeting with my supervisor we decided that this wouldn’t work as my question. “How did the political climate influence the music and lyrics produced by Lennon” was not based in the last 10 years so the topic wasn’t current. The question wasn’t based in any geographical location, therefore we decided that I would do an English Language and Literature EE instead. We then changed the question to “To what extent did John Lennon’s personal career get influenced by his involvement in activism.” This question is more specific and helps me guide my research more efficiently. Going further I will research John Lennon’s life and choose lyrics that I will analyse before starting to write my EE. We made the process more focussed as we decided the two specific albums I would follow helping me outline what I need to do next.

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