EE Day Exit Ticket/ Reflection

One thing I’ve learned.

Today I analysed and researched 2 songs by John Lennon: Woman is the n***er of the world and Attica State. I learnt what the songs say/protest on a deeper level, and understood more about John Lennon as a composer/lyricist. I learnt how big of an impact his activism has on his music and more about his role in feminism and in protest of various events that took place during that time.

What I’m proud of:

I am proud of the fact that I wrote 1000 words today, as it is progress I have made on my Extended Essay. I am not however 1/4 of the way done with my process as there is still a lot to research and to edit in the work I have done already.

What I’m doing next:

I will analyse the remaining to songs I have chosen and write up the analysis on my EE doc. I will also begin reading the John Lennon bio in order to learn more about his personal life and who he is. I will also share my supervisor my progress and get his feedback on everything I have done in order to see where I can improve and what I need to do next.



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