4PM Service end of year reflection

This year we worked with the children at Empat PM in Singapore to help build their confidence and performance skills while teaching them about the society we live in and the environment.

LO 1

My strength is not working with children but instead performance, so I knew how to help them perform and over the course of the year I developed my own skills of working with children.

I also saw myself as someone who is good at demonstrating performances, however, a lot of us in the service are arts students and demonstrate skills in the performance arts.

LO 3

Throughout the year, each of us were in charge of a number of sessions which meant we needed to plan the activities and make sure they work well. One activity I planned was at the very start where we used a parachute activity with the children to help them become a little more comfortable with us. It was something different from what they had done before, and we saw the impact it made.


LO 7 

Whilst working with children and under privileged children it is important to consider the ethics of our actions. An example of this was as a lot of the children were Muslim, during the Ramadan period, we made sure the activities weren’t as energy filled and one day we planned to have a party, but changed that plan as children who were fasting wouldn’t have been able to take part.

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