Culturama 2019 pre show reflection

I am a part of the committee for the show this year. I am the head of AV and in charge of the majority of music and lighting. It has been very difficult to get a hold of all the music in time for the show, and mixing it together, to make it sound acceptable. It has also been difficult to mix a lot of the tracks together.

LO 1 Identifying own strengths and develop areas for personal growth

I have had to be super hard working on the days right before the show as there have been a lot of last minute changes. I have also been able to develop certain skills especially when it comes to music editing. I have realised I need to be more pushy and be more strict when I ask people for things.

LO 4 Show commitment to and perseverance in your CAS experiences

I have also been committed to the committee and the show. Being at almost every meetings, and coming for the pre show light plots and tech runs.

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