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How do Hughes and Parks explore the effect of the segregation prevalent in the 1940s-50s in American society in I, too and Mobile, Alabama?
Segregation in the United States during the 1940s and 1950s was the lawful marginalisation of the black community from the dominantly white American society that existed at the time. It was an effort to still subjugate and discriminate against them a (More)
Modern Love essay from a Mythic or powerful
There is never a beneficial time for a king in 1891 to go against his father's orders to rescue his sister in another utopia. 1891, The year of my commemoration, June 18th, the day I finally be crowned king of Utopia. Seeing my father beaming from (More)
How does the manifestation of power influence the lives of the characters in Human Acts and The Great Gatsby?
Global Issue: Power, Politics and Justice How does the manifestation of power influence the lives of the characters in The Great Gatsby and The Human Acts? A concept with the ability to change entirely the lives of people, power manifests in so (More)
Washington Post- war photographer (More)
Modern Love
Essay: The Race Grows Sweeter Nea (More)
Human Acts "Nationalism"
Extract- "Once they had been thus simply dressed and placed into a coffin, it was your job to oversee the transfer to the gym, and make a note of everything in your ledger. The one stage in the process that you couldn’t quite get your head around (More)
When Cupid Is a Prying Journalist
1. This text is not organized AT ALL like any fiction or non-fiction you have been taught to do for the IGCSE or other school tasks.  Mark it into three sections (Beginning, Middle, & End). Does it have a thesis —a guiding idea— that the anecdote (More)
What is courage ? - Nick Cave style question
Have you ever seen a young bird fly? Courage is the path that a young bird takes to reach the edge of a tree, before beginning the first of many flights that it will undertake in its lifetime. It is the very quintessence of the bird's first flight (More)
Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter
Mario Vargas Llosa: Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter Ideas: Reality and imagination are in a state of tension or conflict Art sanctifies life/ Life is better than art Dreams vs. Reality Self-representation and realism vs. misrepresent (More)
Aunt julia and the scriptwriter- thinking ahead to the IO
Are these texts addressing art, creativity and Bildungsroman -  A story from young to a man. Portrait of the artist- Pedro Camacho as a young man Self-portrait of aunt Julia? Forbidden romance Are they examples of 2 views of self-portr (More)
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