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Visual narrative reflection
In order to do this visual narrative I had to delve deeper into my foundational story and read it as a reader instead of an author so that I could imagine exactly what was going on in my head and the hard part was transitioning that into the paper in (More)
Clarisse describes different aspects of what the world was like “before,” according to her uncle. Gather details of what has changed and why.
Clarisse learns about many aspects of life from her uncle. Her perspective on her life currently is also heavily influenced by her uncle. She and her uncle seem to have a very close relationship, with him telling her all about the world of the past. (More)
Our First Few Visits to 4PM
First Visit (19th Sept. 2018): After doing our initial research and investigation at school about 4PM, we had a general overview and idea about what 4PM does for the local Malay community in Singapore. During our first visit to the 4PM location, w (More)
Pursuing your passion
“DO IT, before it’s too late,” he tells us, as he brings the session to a close. Following your passion, regardless of the neigh - sayers was a constant theme present in the talk given to us by Danny Raven Tan. An artist, he himself lives by that sta (More)