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Kahaani Last reflection
Above is the final video from the Light plot. Below is the discussion of the learning outcomes: (More)
Kahaani Second Reflection
In Kahaani, we have started to teach our choreography. For the first few sessions I split the main gr (More)
Kahaani First Reflection
Before beginning official rehearsals for kahaani , I took initiative and planned what I would be teaching the other members of my dance group in the first session. The outcome of my planning was having the choreography done to some section of the fin (More)
Royal Hunt of The Sun
To raise money for our GC, we had decided to host a bake sale at The Royal Hunt of The Sun, this was the first time I was a part of a bake sale in UWCSEA, I was excited. There was a lot of planning that was required of us, we had to ensure that every (More)