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Kampot Khmer Global Concern Third Reflection
The sessions before the break passed quite well for the GC. We have started to prepare for the launch of our Talent show: The Kampot Talent Quest. A few weeks back, we started to communicate with the service department regarding the quest. Through th (More)
Kampot Khmer Global Concern Second Reflection
  Questions asked: Who did you collaborate with? How important was collaboration to achieving the outcome? What could you do in the future to be a more effective team player?[/video]   The video above is taken from one of the tech runs of our Culturama dance. In the fina (More)
Culturama First Reflection
The first few sessions of Culturama went quite well as I got to work with many people and I also learnt some new choreography. During this activity, I collaborated with my dance leaders to ensure that their version of the dance could be achieved. I a (More)