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Grade 10 Service Reflection (More)
Student Reflection: Siyaa Saigal
The overall aim of the service was to introduce new ideas and depict interpretations of topics within a junior schools curriculum. While planning, we took into account the children’s overall level of understanding and interests and therefore chose bo (More)
Student Reflection: Gigi Pesch
In the service, we read books to children through zoom. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we had to read to them through zoom instead of face to face because we couldn’t leave the campus and they couldn’t leave their school either. Before we rea (More)
Student Reflection: Diego Barria
For the second reading week, Jenny and I had started to plan the story of Milo and the Magical Stones. We had to create a plan that would engage the younger audience making it an entertaining experience for them. Jenny and I believed that the best wa (More)
Reflection, Improvements and Ideas for Advocacy, Awareness, Fundraising and Events
We reflected on our learning and thought about ideas and improvements, ways in which we could create awareness and fundraise for Gili Eco Trust. More)
First Milk Tea Selling Event
The milk tea project is a GC project that our GC came up with last year. Since it is the first enterprise price that involves food product for a GC in our school, the process to get the qualification to sell is everlasting. However, after various neg (More)
Smiles of China: COVID-19 Update
First and foremost, Smiles of China GC extends our best wishes to all those experiencing significant impacts from the coronavirus pandemic. The following post outlines our response to the ongoing situation.  Adapting to the conditions of remote le (More)
Kahoot and Printing Lesson
We have incorporated Kahoot in all instances of our presentations, as we believe it is an essential component in developing and cultivating the learning experience in Computer Skills with Hougang Care Center. After each presentation that revolves (More)
Online Sessions Reflection
Due to the current situation of COVID-19, the physical school has been terminated. Instead, students at UWCSEA have been following the government's precautions to stay home and social distance ourselves. Smiles of China's sessions as a part of school (More)
Challenges and Learning - Germaine's Reflections on PCF
LO4-Show commitment and perseverance in CAS experiences. Students can articulate the stages from conceiving an idea to executing a plan for a CAS experience or series of CAS experiences It’s been around half a year since I’ve joined the arts and c (More)
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