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World Menstrual Health Day
Today is World Menstrual Health Day! Today I have been reminded of the freedoms I gain from having access to menstrual products, including daily activities like exercising and going to school. I am so blessed that I, along with the rest of my school (More)
Purchasing Human Rights
This article first appeared in the 2021 edition of the Humanities Insider Magazine. It is written by Grade 9 student Reina Kawabata. -------------- In Nepal, at particular times of a month, women are forced into menstruation huts. This takes a (More)
Swimdonesia Reflection
In October we had an event called Swimdoneisa together with Surf Aid and Jakarta Street Kids to raise money for our respective Gl (More)
Initial Reflection and Moving Forward for 2019/2020
November 12th, 2019 It is now the 6th session of Gili Eco Trust in the 2019 - 2020 academic year, and a lot of the initial set-up has been completed.  Our first session on the 10th of September involved a basic overview of both the GC and the N (More)
Family Festival Cancellation
Unfortunately, due to the 2019-nCoV situation or Coronavirus, the school has decided to cancel all gatherings of over 40 people until August 2020. This was decided by the Singapore government in support of international crisis management. It is quite (More)
Zoom call with Yi Wen
On Sunday, Brooke, Ran, and I had a great conversation with Yi Wen. Yi Wen is from UWC Changshu, China. She had contacted us as she saw our GEP portfolio after her teacher recommended it. She said she was having issues in her school regarding destigm (More)
Inclusive Language
Our group read this article called "Women slam Tampax over tweet celebrating the 'diversity of all people who bleed' amid calls for boyc (More)
Reflection, Improvements and Ideas for Advocacy, Awareness, Fundraising and Events
We reflected on our learning and thought about ideas and improvements, ways in which we could create awareness and fundraise for Gili Eco Trust. More)
Check out our video about our project on the UWCSEA website! (More)
Reflections on the year - Class of 2021
“  After the Covid-19 situation resulted in service being cancelled I was annoyed. I felt like we had just started getting into the flow of things and were getting to know the members better as well as starting to develop connections (one of our main (More)
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