Here at UWC, both middle and high school have Global Concern groups that work passionately with the Daraja Academy NGO in Kenya to support the Daraja girls in their education. Our GCs move to raise awareness and funds for the school through organized events such as the annual Run for Rights, opening booths at UWC’s Family Festival, and celebrating female influences during our Women’s day lunch fair. During weekly meetings in HS Daraja GC, we constantly look for better ways to spread awareness at different events and improve the quality of these events. Each meeting we split into various teams to effectively conquer each goal we set as a group, and work efficiently in these separate groups in order to reach our collective goals. Every year, a small group of students from both MS and HS Daraja GC will go to Kenya and stay with the girls at Daraja Academy to share knowledge and cultures, as well as deepen the bond between our school and the Daraja Academy NGO.