Today in our GC session, we read the thoughtful handwritten letters from the Daraja girls. Reading their letters transported those who had recently visited Daraja, straight back to their precious experience. For students who have not had the opportunity to visit Daraja, it opened the doors of opportunity for friendship, hope and possibility.

After a busy period of preparing for school events and planning how we can all contribute to the Daraja GC, we were all very grateful to have this time to connect with the Daraja girls by replying to their letters. There was a strong feeling of comfort from our session, and whilst everyone was quiet in thought, I felt that Daraja GC was alive. With the blur of family festival, pressure from assessments and lessons within the school day, it can be all too easy to become separated from the issue, the cause and Daraja. I hope that as the Pen Pal activity develops further in our GC meetings that it provides a sense of belonging and individual purpose to our GC members.