On Tuesday, the 22nd of May 2018, we as a whole group discussed some goals that we thought that our Global Concern should have when taking action in four different ways. The four different ways were direct, indirect, advocacy and research. To complete this task, we split into our groups and discussed some goals that we could make to try to improve what we were doing already.

After we had discussed some goals as small groups, we combined as a whole group to feedback our ideas into the large group to make overarching goals and some examples of goals that we thought were important were:

  • Integrating Daraja into lessons like Global Perspectives
  • Keeping on running large events like Run for Rights, Trips to Daraja
  • Plan an event for International Women’s┬áDay
  • Keep posting on the blog every week
  • Connect with other GC’s like Focus Africa to collaborate, and make more connections

After coming up with goals like this, we thought of some success indicators that would allow us to know when we have accomplished a goal and came up with a list something like this:

  • The number of comments and views on the blog
  • The number of new members joining this GC next year and following
  • The success of planning events by ourselves and with other GCs potentially

Overall, the way that we discussed this allows us to plan on what we want to do in the GC in the near future and allowed us to develop a clearer idea on what we wanted to work on as a whole group.