Yesterday was International Women’s Day 2019. An old tradition which started back in 1909, this day aims to recognise women and their achievements all over the world. One main purpose of celebrating International Women’s Day is to promote a more gender equal planet, where both women and men can enjoy their rights without facing discrimination.

Gender inequality is an issue that has been haunting us for centuries. From difference in salaries in the workplace to being forbidden from attending school and studying, society has always been highly prejudiced. Stereotypes exist everywhere and start influencing our lives from the day we are born. Blue blankets for boys and pink blankets for girls. Cars for boys and dolls for girls. Society has been contorting our minds to force us into conforming to gender norms. They are still millions of girls in many different countries who  are being forced to stay home and learn how to be “wives” and how to care for their families. They don’t go to school like their brothers, they don’t have access to education, a basic human right.

But this barrier is slowly being torn down by strong independent women all across the world, who are rising to say that discrimination on the basis of sex is unacceptable. Girls should receive the education they deserve. Given the opportunity, girls are capable of taking the world by storm and proving that they are much stronger than stereotypes have made them out to be.

We are celebrating International Women’s Day to tell not only our community, but the entire world that women and men deserve an equal playing field. This year’s IWD theme is Balance for Better. The whole aim is to achieve gender equality for all and to see the scales finally even out.

As part of the Daraja GC, we decided to create a poster. This was our small part in hoping to create a balance between all genders, and change the world. We hope that our poster inspires you to think about women around the world, what they stand for and how you can create Balance For Better.