Daraja Academy has been providing education to high achieving Kenyan girls for the past 10 years.

Education is key to improving gender equality and ensuring that no girl ever faces discrimination anywhere in the world. The talented girls at Daraja know that if they pour their heart and soul into everything they do, then one day they will be able to achieve their dreams. By providing education to girls who would have been unable to pursue it otherwise, Daraja takes a big step towards a more balanced world.

Daraja believes that “every woman can be an entrepreneur and an innovator”. This women’s day, they met with a professional baker to understand how to run a business, a skill they will find very useful in the future.  It’s a simple skill which can be turned into a profitable opportunity.

    Professional baker explains instructions to Daraja girls

They baked large quantities in an energy saving stove called ‘jiko’, while discovering what it takes to be independent and start your own business.

Daraja girls try their hand at baking

The Daraja girls are stronger than ever, and this opportunity has given them an opportunity to learn  different talents which they will carry with them into the future. Keep working hard, girls!

(via Daraja Academy instagram, @darajaacademy)