The Family Festival logo

The Family Festival is a major event that the school hosts that allows different G.Cs and clubs to show, sell and publicize ideas of the G.C or club and its products.

Daraja participated in this event and sold All its products that were Pieces of jewellery that included Bangles, Necklaces, Headpieces that were all made by Masai girls and the women from Daraja, we sold scarves with tribal patterns, household objects like coasters and many other things, we had a Face-Painting stall where our Daraja boys and girls wholeheartedly took part to paint kids faces with things they love.

The sales and the face paint raised money to give to the Daraja Academy to fund for their Library Initiative, where they build a library for the school and buy books for the girls who are studying there to further educate them on matters not only academical but also every other aspect of learning.