Welcome to our Daraja Global Concern blog page! As we begin a new academic year, we would like to briefly rewind all of the important events in Daraja so far.

We have collectively voted on and appointed a new chair and co-chair of our GC for this academic year. Nimisha was appointed as our chair, she has been a part of this GC for two years and served as co-chair last year. Uditi is our new co-chair, and she has been a part of this GC since grade 5. She is excited to contribute further to Daraja in her new role as all of us are. 

During our first session of Daraja, we were asked what Daraja meant to us and we then wrote it down in the form of postcards. We were asked to be creative and we were allowed to draw. The postcards were an interesting way to gain perspective on what the people in our GC think Daraja is about. Our drawings were symbolic of Daraja and its impact on all of us. 


We have split into four groups which focus on specific aspects of our goals as a service:

  • We are the Media team. Our main goal is to continue improving this blog, while also working towards raising awareness about Daraja and its mission in the community. 
  • This year’s Event’s team is lead by Raaghavi, who has been a part of this GC since Grade 8. Her goal is to have a higher engagement in events hosted by our GC like Run for Rights, and raising awareness about Daraja and the issues it stands for. 
  • Our third team is the WISH group, led by Eva. WISH stands for Women of Strength, Integrity and Hope- it’s a class that girls at Daraja take part in every week. Their goal is to raise awareness about WISH and its importance and help our community, our peers and ourselves learn from this experience. 
  • The Connections team, led by Sashwika, wants to establish a strong relationship with the girls at Daraja and help us connect on a personal level. They also want to improve the methods of communication by learning from the pen-pal system last year.  

We will be posting weekly updates and would love it if you took the time to revisit our blog. Thanks for checking out our GC!