Hi Everyone!

Today, I’m going to briefly discuss WISH. What is WISH? Read on to find out:)

A WISH class was conducted in one of our recent meetings. WISH stands for Women of Integrity, Strength, and Hope, and our WISH team led this meeting with the intention of replicating a typical Daraja class. I must say, it was a job well done!

In Daraja, WISH is a mandatory class that expands students’ general knowledge, helps them develop essential life skills and, most importantly, broaden their worldview. The purpose of this class is essentially to produce leaders who have the right skill set and the drive to support their communities in the future. The hope is that in years to come, these girls can make a real impact on their communities as they put their amazing Daraja education to use to end the poverty cycle.

As UWCSEA students we are not directly involved in the inequalities that they encounter thus rendering this class not immediately focused in our society in Singapore. Nonetheless, it is still imperative for us to understand the students of Daraja’s perspective personally.

In our meeting, we played JEOPARDY. We explored the topics of society, environment and wellbeing. In future sessions, we would benefit from more interactive activities and perhaps focussing on one aspect in particular. This, in turn, would lead to more interesting and fruitful discussions.

Thanks for reading!

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