Good afternoon everyone, and Happy Chinese New Year! This year’s zodiac animal, the rat, symbolises spirit and intelligence. Daraja has many exciting events planned this lunar year, as we continue to work toward our goal of spreading awareness about gender equality and female empowerment. This year will see events such as an exhibition for women’s day as well as a collaborative effort amongst GCs to host our annual Run for Rights. In the past year, we have hosted and participated in WISH classes, gained better insight into this issue, and planned these upcoming events: demonstrating our commitment to Daraja’s message and our ambition to see it realised. We hope that this year you will join us in celebrating women’s empowerment and supporting the inspirational girls at Daraja.

May this year bring great success to Daraja Academy and every individual involved in this amazing movement. We at Daraja GC wish you a year full of prosperity, laughter and opportunities. Have a great year!