Race for Daraja was held this month, it is a fundraiser event led by Daraja to help support girls living in poverty. More than 250 people around the globe participated in the Race for Daraja event including the members of our GC, even though it was not a part of the school we are still proud members.

Here is how it works: Once you sign up, you will be partnered with a girl from Daraja and together, you run 12 km between April the 1st and May the 31st, not all in one day! You can go at your own pace and complete it running or walking. It is a great way to go outside and make a difference. Every step counts!

There were around 20 members who participated voluntarily in their free time from middle school and high school. Together they raised nearly 19 thousand dollars, this is 131% of the original goal! By working with the girls from Daraja and with the participation of others we managed to raise almost 10 thousand dollars for girls education and empowerment. To put this in context, it is equivalent to the amount of funding required for 2 girls to complete 4 years on secondary school (all expenses paid including accommodation).

We are so proud of the GC members who participated!