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This week we had a long-awaited call with our service partners. We got to talk to the girls and their principle learning about their daily lives especially after covid. Not only did we talk with them but we also got an opportunity to interview them.


Here are the results of our interview:


What has changed in daraja after the pandemic? How have the regulations changed?

There is a reduced number of people attending weddings and church services. Everyone must wear a mask and frequently sanitize. It is very difficult to manage the school population, they must manage social distancing at all times (1 meter). It is important to minimise the student’s exposure by trying to minimise the contact and the number of staff who have contact with the outside environment.


How did you run a school without people in school physically?

During quarantine, they were forced to do online learning. Since many of the girls did not have access to computers they had to use phones and data which were subsidised through the school.


How has that affected you?

They were off school for a couple of months. Sometimes it is very hard and you are not comfortable. The relationship between students and teachers was very different with online learning as it is harder to ask questions one on one and in general just more intimidating.

It is also much harder to interact with your fellow students.


What is your favourite thing about coming back to school?

One thing is that as a visual learner you are able to learn on the whiteboard better than in online classes. It is also easier to consult teachers in person and understand the content better.


It was an absolute delight to be able to socialize with the girls and we hope to do it a lot more in the future.