Hello everyone, welcome to a new year at daraja GC!! This year we have lots planned to greatly improve the GC. In our events team, we are planning to do more events especially since a lot of our normal events have been cancelled due to covid. Our products team is hoping to set up a partnership with raw beauty as another source of funding. Our advocacy team is hoping to keep the blog running as well as maintain a healthy connection with our service partners

This year we started off with our move to make a difference event. We raised tons of money and we are hoping to put that towards expanding Daraja‚Äôs actual infrastructure and towards funding the girls’ education in general. The event was a virtual event where participants had a week to pledge an amount of movement they were going to do either in terms of hours or kilometres. They then had to complete this pledge over the course of a week while raising money from sponsors. We are proud to say that collectively all participants moved 2350km and over 250 hours worth of exercise.