Hello Diigo

Your tasks for today will be to:

– sign up (with an educational account)
– create a bookmark
– think about using effective tags
– join the UWC Teacher Group

So what is Diigo?
Diigo is a social bookmarking tool that allows us to organize, store, manage, and search online resources. Diigo allows us to also highlight and tag these bookmarks. And the other great feature is that your bookmarks are not housed on a particular device so you can access them any place any time.  

And what can Diigo do for me?
So what can Diigo do for you? One thing it can do is bring great resources right to you. Here are a few samples of some recent Diigo bookmarks:

Sample Diigo Bookmarks
Things that I recently bookmarked and shared

Bookmarks from Miles, Jeff and Mary in the UWC teacher list:

Bookmarks from a group I follow – Literacy with ICT

Other Diigo Resources:
Diigo help page
A video on how to annotate, archive and and organize 
Students using Diigo

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