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Spurred on by a conversation with a teacher about how tedious it can be looking into hundreds of folders to see if students have turned in homework or not, I’ve been looking for ways to see how this process can be made a little more efficient and I’ve found a tool called hojoki (via Katie Day via Noah Katz).
Hojoki is basically an aggregator for much of your digital “stuff” into one searchable, filterable feed.

So let’s say that you’ve got files sharde with colleagues in Dropbox, Calendar updates from the all your school divisions, a shared Google Drive folder with each of your students where they turn in work, and student blogs that you follow.

Hojoki can connect to each of these services (Dropbox, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Reader) and create a feed of updates as they happen.

What’s really useful is that you can see everything in your feed, or filter by app (only Google Drive for example), or filter by user. This would allow you to see all of the items a particular student has shared organised by most recent to least recent.

Here’s an intro to hojoki:

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  1. Clint H says:

    Thanks Jeff. Hojoki looks pretty awesome! I'm wondering if I can sync multiple GDrive accounts (work, personal) to the Hojoki account. It doesn't look like it yet, but it is still going to prove pretty useful!

  2. Looks useful… 🙂 thanks…

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