How to Search for Creative Commons Licensed Images


One aspect of the UWCSEA Profile we can develop with our students is being principled by choosing Creative Commons Licensed images in our work. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, at UWCSEA (and many other leading schools), we believe that ethically, we have a responsibility to teach students (and teachers) about academic honesty and what Rodd Lucier terms “creative integrity.”

To this end, we encourage our students to:

1. Create their own content first.
2. If this is not possible, we recommend searching for Creative Commons licensed content.
3. If they still can’t find what they are looking for, the next step is to use a copyright image with permission from the original creator.
4. Only once they have exhausted the above steps, will we accept the use of copyright images, with attribution.

For some, this can seem a daunting prospect. Where do I even go to find CC licensed content?

The following tutorial will help alleviate some of those concerns. It will explore the use of as a starting point for finding images. It also shows how you can reference any CC Licensed Flickr image easily using Cogdog’s Flickr CC image bookmarklet (simply drag the blue button to your bookmarks bar and click to attribute from Flickr).

For more information on Creative Commons, please read our blog post Creative Commons Explained.

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