Online learning resources – beyond text


When we first start to add online learning resources for our students, it’s a natural tendency to simply add offline resources – the worksheets, presentations, and readings that we’ve already got.

Unit Makeover

Just because we’ve taken a resource and turned it into pixels rather than ink doesn’t mean our students are going to be excited to look at it. As the media our students find engaging evolves, we to need to look for things that are going to engage our students and result in meaningful learning.

Here’s an example of a Unit makeover aimed at a HS Economic topic. In this example, there are four different kinds of media embedded. (See the playlist below to see how to find the embed code and add to the OLP) These elements are structured with a particular flow in mind, each one is also framed by the teacher with specific instructions and questions to the student helping them know how to interact with the media.

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