Friendly Friday Advice: A trick AND a treat


How many times have you needed to design a visual tool for your students?
Teachers can end up spending hours making their tool ‘perfect.’

This week I’m going to highlight one of my favorite places to go to save time and create solid visuals like the one below.  As an added whoo-hoo, this week’s resource also allows us to keep to that Creative Commons mindset, and model fair use practice for our students.

If you have yet to come across The Noun Project, take a minute to explore it as a goldmine for creative visuals, or for extending your sketch note practice

PS if you haven’t heard, we are hosting a special look at this free download for November’s #teacherbookclub as an investigation into sketchnotes (congratulate Nicki Hambleton for representing team #uwclearn as a co-author on the project). See a DLC for more on #teacherbookclub.

For a quick introduction to The Noun Project, press play:

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