Digital Bytes – 22nd January, 2018


500 Words
500 Words is a collection of stories written for kids by kids. The stories are 500 words or less and are organized in themes and read in the form of a podcast. The podcasts can be listened to directly on the website or downloaded.
Maybe you would like your students to create their own classroom version of 500 Words!
You’re 98% Less Creative Than You Were as a Child.
A longitudinal study by NASA found that 1,600 4-5 year olds scored at the “creative genius” level. Only 30% of same group of kids scored at the same level 5 years later and only 12% 5 years after that. Only 2 % of adults scored at the “creative genius” level. Read about 4 things you can do to help find your inner creative genius.
Seeing Screen Time Differently
“We don’t talk about ‘book time’, ‘food time’, yet the idea has grown that there is ‘an analogue way’ that is wholesome, genuine, and draws out our true selves. This is core to the ‘displacement hypothesis’ that every moment in front of a screen displaces an analogue moment (which would inevitably have led to you being a rock star of the future). Yet the evidence simply doesn’t back this up.” Read more here.


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