Digital Bytes – 12th November, 2018

Loom Video Recorder

Many of us have used Quicktime to capture a screen recording and share our thinking. Another option is Loom.

The great thing about Loom is that the video is online and so you don’t have to deal with large videos uploading.

Pixar Character Development

This is an excellent resource for writing and character development. Even though Pixar is known for it’s films, at the heart of those films are amazing characters. The same lessons work with the characters in your writing.

Learn how to develop characters from the experts with short videos and lessons. 

Manipulatives in the Digital Age

The MIND Research Institute has summarized their finding about how and bodies can be used to learn the role that digital manipulatives play in that in an easy to read inforgraphic.

When someone uses physical manipulatives that helps them to make connections. Digital manipulatives can do the same thing.