Digital Bytes – 10th December, 2018


Kiva is a great way to support people in need from around the world. You can loan money to people who use that loan to do something that can be life changing.

For example, it could be a loan that will help purchase a sewing machine so someone can start a tailoring business. You choose who you loan your money to and you can continue to loan the money out again and again after it is repaid back to you.

5 Christmas Gifts That Make a Difference

Looking for a way to help someone with a different type of gift this year? Check out the gifts of hope, gifts of life, gifts of cure, gifts to support refugees and gifts for kids in need.

18 Gifts That Are Making a Difference

Check out this fantastic holiday gift guide of 18 different gifts that are supporting others in need.

For example, if you purchase LSTN headphones, they will give hearing aids to someone in a developing country. Or Miir water bottles which help build wells. What is better than a gift that also gives to someone else?

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