Digital Bytes – 11th March, 2019


The Kids (Who Use Tech) Seem to be All Right

This article from Scientific American explains why we get different conclusions about kids use of technology. Previous studies had shown a slight correlation with technology use and negative consequences. However, the correlation is no more statistically significant than very unrelated events.

How to use Screen Time Controls in iOS12

When we have more information, it is easier for us to make an informed decision. I am not a fan of locking everything down with screen time limits but understanding your screen time is important. Using iOS 12 to examine how much time you or your kids are spending in different apps can help keep you informed and have valuable conversations. Check out the article.

How to Run Presentations on Google Slides Remotely

Many of us love using Keynote to present because of the ability to present and use our iPad or iPhone to change slides and see our speaker notes. However, many of us make slideshows using Google Slides and wish we could do the same in Slides. It isn’t a perfect solution but it uses the mirroring option of Reflector 2 or Apple TV to project from your iPad or iPhone. If you are a die hard Google Slides user, this one is for you.


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