Digital Bytes – 30th Sept. 2019


iPad OS

In the past, the operating system for an iPad was the same as the iPhone. Now that has changed. The newest Operating System for your iPad is specially designed for that device. It has just been released and there are some amazing features that allow you to use multiple apps at the same time. From text editing to dragging and dropping, your life will now be easier. There are a few videos to help introduce you to some of the new features.

This Kids Should See This & Wonderopolis

We have shared The Kids Should See This and Wonderopolis in the past but they are so great I wanted to mention them again. The resources are particularly useful in the Awareness phase of our AAA+ model. Maybe you want to look at Neil deGrasse Tyson debunking the myth of students’s saying they will never use this in ‘real life’ or  how feedback loops get rhythms in nature. Whatever is happening in your classroom, there is something to help support the learning.

3 Ways to Compare Changes in Google Docs

If your students write in Google Docs then it can be very helpful to see how their writing has changed or evolved from first draft to the the subsequent drafts. Jake Miller has outlined 3 different ways that you can accomplish this easily. 

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