FIB Science Reflection-Unit: How Fast?

Write a note to your future self and give yourself some advices. 

-Check the questions carefully before you start to answer!!!!! (especially the subjects) Do not hurry or try to finish the test as quick as possible, because this will only make you waste more time when you realised that you didn’t fully understand the questions and answered wrongly. In this test, I messed up the subject that the question was asking, and wrote down the corresponding answer for another chemical in the graph.

-Don’t write too much on one question and manage your time well. You just need to get the important and correct points of the question. Otherwise if you take too long on one particular question, you won’t have time for the further questions, so that in the end, you will be very anxious and rushed. This will make your work less effective and give you lots of pressure and negative mood.

-Prepare all the materials for the test. I didn’t bring my calculator this time and I needed to borrow from my kind classmates. This would disrupt them from their tests and also waste my time. If it was a formal test like the ones in IGCSE and we were not allowed to borrow calculators, I would not be able to answer many questions and lose marks on them. Always be prepared!

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