Buddy Podcast Round Up

Which three quotes from here link with your experience in the podcast project? What makes you say so? How is this useful fro you as we enter the last three months of the year?

  1. “That’s good news because you can’t do much about the genes you were born with, but you can do a lot to develop mental toughness.”
  2. “Instead, it was grit — the perseverance and passion to achieve long–term goals — that made the difference.”
  3. “In every area of life — from your education to your work to your health — it is your amount of grit, mental toughness, and perseverance predicts your level of success more than any other factor we can find.”

These quotes all reveal the theory that it is not the talent which determines your success, but instead, it’s mental toughness. I think this is very important to know because we will sometimes think very negatively when we are facing difficult challenges, telling ourselves that you can’t do this because you are not as talented as the others. For example, when making the podcast, I was stuck with Garageband and nearly gave up on using it, but I still made it in the end. This study shows us that everyone can achieve their goals if they have the passion and are able to persist long enough. Although the progress may be small, we can still make it in the end. It is very useful for my last three months D-pers study, because it encourages me to always try hard and not give up on the challenges as I am not very confident on my digital skills.

As you listen to your partner agreement responses, where do you think you should have thought more about collaboration? Which pieces of advice could you have thought more deeply about and why? Now that you’ve worked with different partners, what is it that you MOST need from a partner during a project and how do you know?

At first I thought it would be very easy for me and my partner to remind each other on doing the challenge as we are both boarders, but then I found that even if we live together, we would still forget reminding each other on this since we all had things to do when we met each other. Therefore,  I think I should have been more thoughtful to remind her as a responsible partner. Actually, me and my partner worked pretty well together, and we were all very respectful to each other’s ideas and communicated very often, so I think we all did a very good job on receiving the advices on our ways of working. From my working experience with different partners, I find that I most need my partner to organise the work and do it accordingly to the schedule, because this would remind me to do my work and also make my work easier as I know the connection between me and my partner’s work. I know this is important for me because once me and my partner didn’t follow our working plan, and it got so messed up that I had to finish everything in one day, which is a very bad experience for me, and I had learnt from it.

Which part of the tool (see below) was the sharpest for you in this project? Which part do you think you need to spend more time using and why? How would using that tool have helped with this project?

I think the part for opening up to others is the sharpest for me in this project, because this project is not only about the collaboration between me and my partner, but also gives me more chances to contact my family and friends. After this podcast challenge, I send video calls and messages to my family and friends more frequently.This has made me more connected with the others and made my relationship with them closer. I think I need to spend more time on using the part which unbottles my real feelings, because sometimes I will still hide my thoughts and emotions to myself as I am afraid of others’ judgements. I should share them with the others so that I can have more advices from different people, which might support and comfort me a lot. IF I share my feelings more with my partner in this project, she will get to know my opinions on the project more and we probably can come up with some more creative ideas on our podcast.

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