This is my buddy podcast.

I listened to two peer podcasts, Germaine and Chloe’s, and Rhea and Sige’s.

Below is the note I took down while listening to their podcasts.

Do we worry too much about the effects technology has on our lives?

I think technology definitely has many negative impacts on our lives, but the benefits of it are also significant and cannot be ignored. Everything is two-sided. In my opinion, even if people always worry about the effects of technology, we cannot totally change this issue because it is interacted with too many parts in our lives, so I’d rather enjoy the benefits that it brings me instead of always thinking about the negative sides.

3 thoughts on “Effects of TECHNOLOGY

  1. The one thing I agree MOST with in your thinking is that everything is two-sided. What I now would love to think more about is the effect of technology in the future where there would be more advanced technological development, meaning that there can be more negative uses of technology.

  2. I agree with you, I also believe that people think too far about the bad effects, I think technology brings a lot of benefits to our daily life and people should know how to control themselves but not push all the bad influence to technology.

  3. I think sometimes when the negating effects of technology are higher than the positive and useful ones, thus I suppose we tend to get lost in it. So I feel that ignoring the negative effects is ignoring the whole problem itself and that feels like we’re letting the problem, no scratch that, making the problem worse. I think it is possible to modify some of our behaviour, if not completely change it. I think that it would be far more effective to deal with the issue before it becomes a problem, but in this case, I suppose it is too far along to be considered an issue.

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