World of Learning – Initial Reflection

Describe your individual process of job search:

  • What were your goals and expectations?

I wanted to find a job that interest me or the one that might relate to my future jobs, because I want to do have a basic understanding about these jobs and know whether I enjoy doing them or not. This is like a preparation for me to work in the future. I also hoped that I could learn some new skills through the internship.

  • How close to your expectations were the actual outcome?

The actual company that I applied for is not really related to the area I love, but I think this could be an opportunity for me to explore something new, and maybe through this process, I will find that this kind of jobs also interests me.

  • Were you able to meet your goals?

I didn’t find the job that I wanted to do at first, but then I found other jobs also seem quite fun, so I just applied for these. I think I would be able to learn new skills through this internship.

  • What have you learned through the process?

I have learnt the process to apply for a job and how to communicate with the company. It is important that you show your respect and great passion toward the company that you are applying for, which would leave a good impression for the company.

  • What skills have you learned or applied?

I have applied my knowledge on writing a formal letter that I learnt earlier in English class. This skill was very helpful for me to communicate clearly and politely with the company.

  • In what other situations or areas in your life might you apply the same skills and learning?

I think communication skills are very important throughout our lives, because we always need to interact with people. Good communication skills make us able to express our needs clearly and enhance the relationship with the others.

What are some of your goals for your World of Learning Week internship?

-learn new skills

-get to know the working environment in the society

-be responsible and reliable

-have something to show others after the internship (eg. projects, videos of presentations etc.)

*some pieces of evidence I would like to collect: feedback from the supervisor, photos, notes, blog reflections etc.

What might be some factors to consider when defining your goals?

-skills & techniques

-applications in the future

-enrich personal experience

After recording your summer internship experience, what would you want to see/hear in yourself as you look back?

I would like to see in myself that I am very excited and looking forward to work in the future, and I have found my values and enriched myself through this precious experience.


If you imagine yourself at the end of your World of Learning Week internship, how might you know that it has been a success?

I might know through the positive feedback from my supervisor and the teacher who came to visit me during my work. Also, I might have learnt some new skills or techniques, and probably in the future if I see anything related, I would be able to apply them in real situations.


What might be some things you hope to be more confident in doing at the end of the work experience that you are not as confident doing right now?

I hope that I could be more confident in communications with the others, because I reckon that I will face a lot of challenges in my working experience which might be very hard for me to understand or carry out alone, so that I have to ask the others who have more experience on dealing with such situations. However, I’m still a little bit unconfident in communicating right now, as English is not my first language. I want to push myself on it.


What pieces of evidence might you want to collect to determine the success of your WOL internship?


As my work for the internship has to be comparatively private, I can’t take many videos or collect the work I’ve done during this process. Therefore, I want to receive some feedback from my supervisor via a formal letter or e-mail, and take a picture with my supervisor to prove my working experience.

What challenges might you face and what strategies might you employ in these situations?

challenge #1: the clients might ask me questions that I don’t know

strategy: explain to them that I’m an intern and I’m not familiar with the affairs, and suggest them to ask the others

challenge #2: have no idea with the tasks that my supervisor gives me

strategy: think independently or do some online research first, and confirm my thoughts with my supervisor. If I still don’t understand, then I should ask my supervisor to explain the task again.

challenge #3: the supervisor isn’t satisfied with my work

strategy: communicate with the supervisor and ask him/her the ways to improve my work. (remember to be humble and accept the appropriate criticisms)

What resources available to you might you tap to ensure a successful internship?


I might ask my parents or teachers for suggestions on my work, as they could be very helpful and have a lot of experience on such things.

If you could refine it to one goal, what would be the most important one to pay attention to this summer?

The most important one for me would be effective communications, because working is not a personal thing, it requires  collaboration and efforts from everyone in the company. Communication is the key in this process, so I want to see great improvements on it after my internship.

Below is a picture of me working during the internship:

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  1. I enjoyed reading your reflection, Gwenda. I’m also looking forward to coming out tomorrow morning.

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