Sustainability Project Reflection 1

In my group, we communicated effectively to divide our jobs and decide what to do first, so that we are clear what each other’s doing and can easily follow the plan. We each listened to one part of the interview, summarised it, and finally organised it into a shared document. The challenge we faced is that we haven’t done much research yet since we’re more focused on making the webpage. Therefore, we decided to work on the webpage after school, and do some research and share it in class.

I think I’m good at organising things. With this strength, I recorded and planned everything we need to do in each class onto the shared spreadsheet, so that we’re clearer about what we need to do and are able to work effectively. I usually came up with lots of ideas on the suggestions, and we would discuss and improve them together.

One thought on “Sustainability Project Reflection 1

  1. I like the way you’ve described the excellent collaboration in your group as well as the fact that each member of your group is bringing strengths to the group. It is clear that your organisational skills were valued hugely by your group members. I wonder if you’d have approached this project differently if the product had just been a google slides rather than the webpage

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