Sustainability Project Reflection 2

During this project I have learned to think more creatively and detailed, because we need to give the clients some specific solutions to improve their ecological footprint, but not just from a broad and general aspect. Therefore, when thinking about the suggestions, I need to connect the scientific knowledge with their lifestyles, and consider whether the client could achieve these or not, which is a bit challenging for me. We decided to choose three broad areas first, and then narrow them down into smaller and achievable suggestions. We also provided lots of statistics and graphs in the webpage to support our suggestions, because that could make our client clearly understand how impactful they could be, and thus become more urgent to make a change.

In my team I was the most organised, because I made a spreadsheet to record what we’ve done and what need to be done in each class, so that everyone has a specific aim to work on, and we all know what each other is doing. This has made our collaboration more effective and gave everyone equal opportunities to contribute in this project.

One thought on “Sustainability Project Reflection 2

  1. I like the way you prioritised the client being given data as you knew this was more likely to persuade them to change their practices! I’m glad that you’ve worked on understanding the Science a little better to be able to justify these solutions!

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