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  • What values are being conveyed?
  • How are these values shared with their target audience?
  • Are certain stereotypes conveyed in any of the ads?

The first advertisement is originated from China, which is very obvious since we can see the Chinese on it. However, there are lots of details on it appealing to the Chinese people. For example, the congee and buns suit Chinese people’s taste, and are the local breakfast which most of them usually prefer in the morning, showing that McDonalds want to expand its Chinese market to attract more local Chinese people. Also, this set of breakfast sells at 6RMB, while ‘6’ is seen as a lucky number in China, representing luck and happiness. In addition, Chinese people advocate eating corns and oats since they think that these are good for their health, so the ad has them beside the congee, implying that this set of breakfast is healthy and nutritious. The stereotype that is conveyed in this ad are that Chinese people often have congee and buns for breakfast, whilst for other cultures such as Singapore, the people also eat congee very often, so it’s not only limited to China.

Looking at the second advertisement, it’s appealing to the American culture through the ideas of ‘packed lunch’. This is a common phenomenon in American culture, while in most of the eastern cultures, the people don’t have that strong sense of ‘packed lunched’. For example, in China, the schools will usually provide lunch to the kids, so that their parents don’t need to worry about preparing lunch for them. This ad illustrates two sandwiches to show how convenient they are and that they are really easy to carry for the kids, which saves the mom’s time to prepare for the packed lunch. It also targets on the mothers by quoting ‘Nice try, Mom’, since they are the ones who often prepare packed lunch for kids. However, this could also be a stereotype that moms take care of the children more and they are responsible for the housework. Female could even feel offensive by this ad because the McDonald is particularly targeting the moms for packing the lunch for their kids.

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