Media Bias


  • The UN Biodiversity Chief Furious at Chinese Wildlife Market Trade: HUMANITY’S DESTRUCTION ON NATURE

I got inspiration of the headline from the article below, and I think this could be a representative example of showing how people blame the current COVID-19 pandemic all on China. Firstly, in the first paragraph, the author takes Wuhan, China’s wildlife market in particular, and states that it is “believed to be the starting point of the coronavirus outbreak”. However, no studies can prove that Wuhan wildlife market is the starting point yet, so that the phrase “believed to be” is very vague in terms of evidence, and shows a biased perspective by the selection of sources. Also, what I found interesting in this article is that, the UN biodiversity chief didn’t actually mention China in particular. She was talking about the global situation and calling for a global ban. Therefore, we can see that the author of the article adds in his/her personal interpretations that is not quite objective. I create this headline to reflect the similar biases: I use capital letters to exaggerate the impact of coronavirus on nature, especially through the phrase “humanity’s destruction”. I omit the context that the UN representative talks about the whole global situation, but selectively choose the phrase to focus on the situation in China, which emphasises my bias stand. The word “Furious” also reiterates the criticalness of the situation and conveys strong emotions through the authority’s perspective, which makes the argument in the article seems more trustworthy as it is supported by the authority.

  • Heat, Humidity Slow Down Coronavirus? Singapore Disapproves

There has been some recent studies from the U.S Department of Homeland Security saying that heat and humidity could slow down the spread of coronavirus. However, I don’t think that is the case for Singapore, because the number of cases each day is still very high, despite the humid hot weather here. Although Singapore government doesn’t really “disapprove” the studies, I try to create a sense of irony by saying this, because obviously, the situation in Singapore does not fully support the studies. I also use question to further doubt the accuracy of the studies.

DHS scientist says studies show heat, humidity slow coronavirus


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