EE reflection 3

Reflecting on my EE, I was given the opportunity to investigate the current environmental crisis with the overconsumption of petroleum. Investigating algal biodiesel has provided an insight into the world of alternative fuels focusing on their societal and economic impact. In hindsight, I would have approached my methodology and data processing differently. I stuck to […]

Piano grade 12

LO2 : Challenge (undertaking new challenges)/ New skills (developing new skills) I have decided to continue with piano into grade 12 and continue with the exams. Previously I did the grade 5 trinity rock and pop exam for the piano. However, this year I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone and attempt the […]

EE Interim reflection (R2)

On completing my research into the key differences of the production and environmental implications for petroleum and algal biodiesel, One challenge faced was determining my method of data processing in order to prevent reproducing others work and create a balanced argument. After discussions, I felt applying thermodynamic theories were appropriate to utilize knowledge from class. […]

Project week – action

Action (the actual trip itself) LO2 challenges, LO5 collaboration Project week is a 6 month CAS project where we complete elements of CAS on a trip outside of the country without teachers. In the end, we were very optimistic about our trip and the activities we had planned out. On our first day we went […]

Project week – preparation

Preparation ( the planning of the trip- research, itinerary, medical etc) LO3 planning, LO5 collaboration Since we had to change our trip, we had less time to put dedicate to our research and planning, therefore we had to put in more effort and make sure when we dedicated time to project week, we were all […]