PCF 858 : reflection grade 10

For my service experience in grade 10, I was a part of the service “PCF 858”. In this service, we went to the preschool “sparkletots” which is located close to the school in tampines. During our time there, we interacted with the kids who were ages 5-6, played games and participated in team building activities. For the first few lessons, we planned out the activities which we were planning on doing with the kids, we had planned that we would bring in some arts and crafts such as origami or color pencils and paper so that we could have some skill developing games which were also fun for both us and the kids. We also planned to have some games where we dance and teach them songs which we used to sing during our childhood. We also planned on doing some group reading activities. During the entire experience we worked with two different groups of children because they rolled over and there was a new year of kids. With the first group of kids, it was tough to implement these ideas because they were very excited but difficult to handle. We ended up having to change our activities most of the time because when we split them off into groups they used to end up wanting to do an activity of their own. With the second group of kids, they were much easier to handle and we were able to implement some of the activities we had initially planned during the limited time we had with them (three one hour sessions). I think this service has taught me that it is not always easy to communicate with my peers and I was able to work on my collaboration skills because we had to plan a week in advance and be prepared with our materials before the sessions. I also learnt that it can be challenging to get familiar with people we’ve never met before but I was able to develop my communication skills with little kids. I’m also grateful for the opportunity because we usually don’t talk to kids who attend local schools as we are so involved in our own schools so I was able to learn more about how we are different and similar to the local children.


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