Drum Therapy and games with MINDS AMK

Drum Therapy and games with MINDS AMK, initial reflection
LO1 Awareness : (Increased awareness of strengths and areas for growth)

The service I am going to be doing for four seasons of grade 11 in Drum therapy and games with MINDS at Ang Mo Kio. I have previous experience with this service as I based my critical project from Global perspectives in Grade 10 on people with Mental disabilities and focused in on MINDS as an example organization. Along with this, I have volunteered at MINDS at Katong before as I appreciate and have interest in the work MINDS does.

MINDS stands for the “Movement for the Intellectually disabled of Singapore” where volunteers have the opportunity to engage with their “Clients”. Although we have only visited the place once, as a service group we have compiled possible activities we could offer based on the abilities of the clients.

I think I have obtained the sensitivity to volunteer at places like this through my other volunteering experiences. Previously I would not have been so confident however there is always space for improvement. As one of the two communications managers of my service group, I would like to bring awareness to issues that their clients face and the steps people can take to bring upon an inclusive community for everyone. Although I am able to communicate through media, I have struggled to communicate with the managers of the service or even within my service group verbally as I tend to avoid public speaking. I would like and hope to work on my verbal communication skills through this service and leave an impact on the service, even if it were as simple as bringing a smile to someone’s face.

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