CultuRama Jamaica

LO2 Challenge : (Undertaken new challenges)/ New skills

With three days until the performance, Recently we had our first light plot and two dress rehearsals where we performed in front of the CultuRama committee and other students taking part in the showcase. It was challenging to finally face my stage fright by taking this risk as until now I have tried to shy away from opportunities like this. It was helpful to have my peers by my side to calm my nerves and enjoy the process leading up to the performance.

In the future, I would like to approach a challenge like this with confidence and excitement to get the best out of the experience. Through CultuRama I was able to learn about the Jamaican culture and dance which I wasn’t familiar with before. My dance leaders made sure we were learning the names and the significance of each step in the dance so our performance was as authentic as possible.

I was able to track my progress after each rehearsal as I would receive feedback from my leaders and we were film our dance each week. This was very helpful in showing me the places I was doing well and where I was lacking. Through this activity I was able to build on my self-motivation which will help me be more confidence in similar situations.

This is a video of a snippet from our dress rehearsal
Dress Rehearsal – CultuRama Jamaica

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